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Volume 1Issue 3
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Welcome to Inside TEC Issue 3
New Service:
TEC Accreditation
In this ever-changing corporate climate, with companies experiencing global expansion, mergers, and unprecedented growth, many companies look to software systems to help sustain growth and enhance profitability. Whether these software buyers are upgrading from an outdated legacy system that no longer supports their business needs or implementing a new software system to garner improvements or additional functionality, they need to know what type of service and support they can expect from the provider and whether the software will adequately meet their business needs and requirements.

Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) has developed the TEC Accreditation Program to provide insight into the quality of implementation and support services delivered by value-added resellers (VARs), channel partners, implementers, vendors, and consultants. Accreditation uses a thorough review process to ensure these providers have met the standards established by TEC and corporate end users through a series of customer reference verifications. TEC analysts write an accreditation report providing end users with verified facts about the strengths and weaknesses of the service providers' services for a particular software type, industry, or business area. This will assist organizations looking to determine the best-fit service provider for their implementation needs.

The accreditation report and an accreditation seal are added to the provider's Showcase or IT Directory listing on TEC's Web site, providing valuable information to potential software buyers.

In this issue of Inside TEC, you can read about two recent accreditations completed by TEC.

New TEC Accreditations
Hitachi Consulting

Hitachi Consulting, a subsidiary of the Hitachi Group, is multinational business and IT consulting company offering management consulting services to complement system integration services, based on its strong enterprise resource planning (ERP) experience with established partnerships with ERP vendors such as Microsoft and SAP.

Hitachi Consulting received TEC Accreditation for discrete manufacturing ERP, an area where it claims extensive support for services such as project management, business needs assessment, business process modeling and re-engineering.

To read the full accreditation report on Hitachi Consulting services for discrete manufacturing ERP, go here.

Eclipse Computing

Eclipse received TEC Accreditation for the mining and quarrying industry.

Eclipse Computing is a Microsoft value-added reseller of MinePoint, a computerized mining management system based on Microsoft Dynamics AX. Its services range from project management and business process mapping to application support and customization. The company services a diverse set of industries including oil and gas, mining and exploration health and aged care, education, professional services, and winemaking, among others.

To read the full accreditation report on Eclipse Computing for mining and quarrying, go here. .

Upcoming Events: TEC at AIIM
If you're attending this year's AIIM Conference & Expo on March 21-24 in Washington, DC, make sure to sign up for TEC's Business Intelligence Market Report.

TEC Research Analyst Jorge García takes a look at some of the tools and technologies that business intelligence (BI) vendors are developing to analyze unstructured content, and how businesses are applying those technologies to extract insights from their content management systems (CMS) and from the Internet to better understand and improve their business.

You'll learn about some of these innovations and trends in data analysis as well as what to look for from BI vendors. Finally, you'll get guidance on TEC's software evaluation and selection system to help you choose the BI solution that best meets your business needs. Visit the AIMMS Conference & Expo site for schedules and registration information. See you there.

TEC Extends Its Software Selection Services to Scandinavia
Implement Consulting Group (ICG), a leader in management and IT consulting in Scandinavia, has signed a preferred partner agreement with Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), the leading advocate for the enterprise software purchaser. With this partnership with ICG, which helps companies implement strategic change with impact, TEC expands its software selection services to the Nordic countries via regional collaboration and support.

Senior consultant at ICG Filip Larsen says "TEC's vast array of vendor product information is a valuable asset to our consulting firm and will help us boost our effectiveness in implementing change."

You can read the press release here.

If you're an IT consultant and you're interested in learning more about partnership opportunities with TEC, have a look at our programs for consultants.

New TEC Focus Indicator
The TEC Focus Indicator has been around in various incarnations for some time, but as TEC's store of data has grown, the Focus Indicator has evolved. The TEC Focus Indicator measures a product's overall level of support for functionality (as modeled in TEC's research) against TEC's benchmarks of what you should expect to find across the market space as a whole.

The essential question for a company trying to select software remains: will it actually help us do the things we need to do? And that question is of course answered by the functionality provided in the software product. There's no escaping that at some point you must compare the functionality between the products you're considering, and make sure they provide what your company needs. The TEC Focus Indicator graphs ought to prompt you to ask the vendors some questions about their product roadmaps and development strategies.
Director of Knowledge Services Josh Chalifour explains the new and improved graphs that TEC famously generates as part of its process of certifying software products.

Overhaul of IT Directory
TEC's IT Directory has had a facelift. No bells and whistles, but it's cleaner and easier to navigate, so you can better find what you're looking for. For example, we've added additional search options and filters to help you quickly pinpoint the solutions that are relevant to you, with less digging around. Should you wish to compare solutions side by side, you can access our software comparison reports after narrowing down your search in the directory.

Check out the IT Directory, and then tell us what you think about it on the TEC blog.

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