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   Wednesday December 3, 2008 | Spotlight on Supply Chain | Issue 2516
On-demand Manufacturing: Running Lean and Mean in Hard Times

As if cutthroat global competition wasn't enough to put the squeeze on small to midsized manufacturers, along comes the worst economic crisis in living memory to make a difficult situation worse. One way to fight back—and win—is to run a lean, on-demand manufacturing operation and supply chain. Find out why lean works, the challenges you must overcome to achieve it, and the tools available to assist you. It's all in today's feature report.

What are the five keys to becoming a world-class distributor? Today's feature white paper spells them out for you.

In a down economy, everyone wants to control spending and cut costs without reducing operational effectiveness. Here's how the experts suggest you go about it.

Read the report: On-demand Manufacturing: A Formula for the Perfect Lean Market, and an Imperative in Today's Economic Climate

Read the white paper: The Five Keys to World-class Distribution

Read the blog post: A Couple of "Five Procurement Commandments" in a Down Economy

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Why Companies Need to Invest in ERP
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Momentum Webcast: Using Financial Management Solutions to Make Intelligent Business Decisions
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Small Business Webcast: Are You Ready for CRM? Seven Ways to Know
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Get Lean with QAD: Reach Your Sustainability Goals with QAD's suite of Lean-based solutions
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Profit Myths in Wholesale Distribution Key Note Speaker: Al Bates
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