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   Friday August 27, 2010 | Spotlight on ERP | Vol.3 Issue 101
Smaller ERP Vendor Bucks All the Trends (at the Expense of SAP and Oracle, among Others)

IFS is bucking all the trends—and still managing to show healthy revenue, profits, and growth in the midst of the worst economic recession in 80 years. Find out how this Swedish-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendor has learned to excel in hard times—and steal deals from the mega vendors—as TEC Principal Analyst P.J. Jakovljevic looks inside the company's products, customer base, and marketing strategy.

Is big ERP still king? Time was, the functionality gap between the giant ERP vendors and their smaller tier-two rivals was big enough to drive a truck through. But is that still true? TEC Analyst Aleksey Osintsev decided to settle the issue by comparing them head on—and now you can see the surprising results for yourself.

If you're a manufacturer looking for software, check out our reference guide to discrete ERP features and functions. It will help you determine what you really need in an ERP solution—and what you can comfortably live without.

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8th ERP Vendor Shootout - Dallas TX (US) 6-7 October, 2010

The ERP Vendor Shootout, hosted by the value-added reseller (VAR) community and moderated by Technology Evaluation Centers, is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for midsize enterprises to see the best enterprise software solutions in the world, all in one place, all at the same time. Geared toward enterprise resource planning (ERP) selection teams and decision makers for companies with manufacturing, distribution, or project-oriented requirements, the ERP Vendor Shootout is ideal for businesses that are budgeting for ERP software or currently evaluating ERP solutions.

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Looking Beyond SaaS Webcast - There's More to Consider When Selecting ERP
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The Cloud and ERP: What You Need to Know Before You Buy
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IE Group Event: Sales & Operations Planning Innovation
12:00 pm
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IE Group Event:Financial Forecasting & Planning Summit 2010
12:00 pm
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Gartner Outsourcing & Vendor Management Summit 2010
all day
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Dallas, TX 8th ERP Vendor Shootout
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2010 APICS International Conference & Expo
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Gartner IT Financial, Procurement & Asset Management Summit
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