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   Monday December 15, 2008 | Spotlight on Software Test Tools | Issue 2521
Size Matters—But Are Function Points Still the Way to Measure Modern Software?

Measuring the size of software by function points (FP) methodology dates back to the days of COBOL in the 1970s. But with the advent of end-user computing (EUC), graphical user interfaces (GUIs), relational database management systems (RDMSs), and web applications, is FP methodology still the way to go? Are there better ways to measure the size of modern software? Find out in today's feature article.

Whether you're buying or developing software, test tools help you get the most from your investment. Here's a complete guide to software test tools—including vendors, the test tool market, and the different kinds of test tool applications.

Enabling security in the software development cycle is far better than dealing with it down the road. In today's feature white paper, you'll learn all about software security quality assurance, and how to avoid getting locked into a game of security vulnerability catch-up.

Read the feature article: Function Points - Are they the "Right Unit of Measure" for Software Sizing?

Read the feature article: A Guide to Software Test Tools

Read the feature white paper: Enabling Security in the Software Development Life Cycle

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