May 18, 2002  Volume 3, Issue 616
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Special Report (from J.D. Edwards): Product Life Cycle Management by J.D. Edwards
by J.D. Edwards
Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) is the management of a series of business processes, enabled by collaborative applications, that manages a portfolio of products through four stages to maximize market share and life cycle profitability. All products work through the phases of Concept and Design, Growth, Maturity, and finally Decline. A complete PLM approach means that PLM must be a total company strategy, encompassing all departments, customers, and suppliers -- the total supply chain. Managing products through their entire life cycle results in improved communication and control, plus the ability to respond to data in real time for all participants in the product life cycle. By having a complete PLM strategy, and the tools needed to support that strategy, the entire supply chain will be able to manage the configuration, production, and sale of the product through the as-designed, as-planned, as-built, as-shipped, and as-maintained phases of the product from definition to growth to maturity and ultimately to decline.

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       Today's News Analysis
Microsoft 'The Great' Poised To Conquer Mid-Market, Once and Again
Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations

by P.J. Jakovljevic
Microsoft's reticence to comment on any timelines of product integration and operations mergers, to our belief, stems from their genuine inability to foresee it at this stage. Still, although the indications that the business will continue to be as usual are strong, Microsoft may eventually decide to streamline its diverse, likely redundant, product mix, staff, and channel. Once Microsoft figures it out and gets a much clearer picture, it should emerge as a mid-market leader making its competitors scramble to better its value proposition.

       Today's Technology Note
Proactive IT Managers Can Make a Difference
by William R. Friend
IT managers, under increasing pressure to align their activities and spending with the strategic objectives of the enterprise, need to find new ways to raise the awareness of IT opportunities throughout the enterprise. This paper presents a framework for IT managers to use as a foundation to their planning processes and as a basis for influencing enterprise strategic planning.


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