January 22, 2002  Volume 3, Issue 525

Headline News

Supplier Logistics Management
Part 1

by Todd Buelow
Supplier Logistics Management is leveraging technology and supplier relationships to gain competitive advantage.


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The Customer Is Always Right
So You Need To Be Right About Your Customers

J.D. Edwards Customer Lifecycle Management solutions expand the definition of CRM to include all of the business processes and associated systems that touch a customer.

Our collaborative commerce CRM solution is a customer-oriented, B2B solution for optimizing your planning, marketing, sales, fulfillment, delivery, and service. It recognizes that billing and delivery are every bit as important as sales force automation in terms of the overall customer experience.

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Today's TEC Analysis
SAP To Take Care Of All Suppliers
by P.J. Jakovljevic
While SAP's delivery of the first major product, supplier relationship management (SRM), based on its recently unveiled open technology platform, one should by no means expect painless business partners' enablement effort.



Technology Notes

User-Focused Design Principles Shape the Customer Experience
by Michael Ryan
Welcome to the customer experience. We all have them. Some are good, others bad. A variety of factors - the user interface (UI), customer support, marketing messages, etc. - shape these experiences. All of these things collectively create our view of a product, service or provider.




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