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   Monday July 7, 2008 | Spotlight on Supply Chain | Issue 2553
Supply Chain Management: A Critical Success Factor

What caused Cisco to suffer the largest inventory writedown in history—an astounding $2.2 billion (USD)? The same thing that caused Nike stock to take a 20 percent tumble after the company announced sales had been $100 million (USD) lower than expected. The answer: supply chain problems. That's how critical effective SCM has become to the modern corporation.

For a high-level look at supply chain basics—the what, why, when, where, and how of it—we present the blog post Supply Chain Management 101.

Cross-docking is an essential supply chain function, and it's an area where you simply cannot afford to have problems. Our second feature blog post will walk you through the ABCs of cross-docking, with a look at how four vendor solutions stack up in cross-docking functionality.

For logistics service providers, winning business is not just about operating talent and facilities. Clients, customers, suppliers, and carriers must work together to fulfill perfect orders. But few supply chain communities consist entirely of companies with top-notch supply chain applications. In our feature white paper, learn how a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution can help fill the gaps.

Read the blog post: Supply Chain Management 101

Read the blog post: Cross-Docking 101: A Distributor's Bread and Butter

Read the white paper: Collaborative Logistics Technology: Filling the Competency Gap

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Feature White Papers
APC Deploying High-density Zones in a Low-density Data Center
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Worst Practices in Business Intelligence: Why BI Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail
Market News

Newest Version of EnterpriseIQ Most Comprehensive Yet

IQMS releases over 400 enhancements to its single-source ERP software; enables lean operations across total supply chain

Paso Robles, CA — IQMS, a leader in the design and development of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, has released the most comprehensive version yet of EnterpriseIQ, the company's widely used, single-source ERP software solution.

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On-demand Event: Building Performance-first Application Delivery Networks with Cisco and NetQoS
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On-demand Event: Using Network Behavior Analysis to Improve End-user Application Performance
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