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TEC's Software Capabilities Assessment Project
Technology Evaluation Centers
Is your organization getting the most out of its enterprise software systems? Answering that question can be tricky. Inadequate documentation or missing in-house knowledge can make it difficult to determine how well your current systems support your company's business processes. And that can make it nearly impossible to know what changes, if any, are required. A software capabilities assessment project from TEC can help. Learn more now.
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ERP as a Living System: The Power of Community-Driven Product Enhancement
Plex Systems
Today's manufacturer is challenged by static enterprise resource planning (ERP) with annual complex upgrades. See how powerful change-on-demand capabilities allow companies to instantly align their ERP and business processes without a time-consuming IT effort. With a community-driven development approach, enhancements are driven by a community of users, and the system constantly improves in the exact way a user requires.
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Wholesale Distributor Uses ERP Solution to Fuel Rapid Growth
itelligence UK
Wholesale distributors face two fundamental challenges. The first: to create an environment where processes and services can be rapidly tailored to the changing needs of customers and suppliers. The second deals with technology. To stay competitive, distributors must view their business models from a customer perspective, and build a technology stack that enhances their trading partners' performance as well as their own.
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Reaping the Benefits of Next-Generation Dashboards
Users of BI solutions desire a flexible and intuitive method for assimilating information without manually gathering data. The delivery mechanism must also provide transparent connectivity and security to users, while presenting an easy-to-use interface for navigating and consuming information. These requirements are driving the demand for a new generation of BI solutions. See the benefits of these new-generation dashboards.
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Unlock Hidden Profits Using Effective Pricing Strategies: Active Price Management and Price Optimization
This paper explores the following best practices for leverage price management and optimization: Fine-tune prices for all products and services. Analyze historical and live transaction-level data. Develop and implement effective cost-to-serve strategies. Establish well-defined customer segments. Empower your sales force with rich customer information and enforce negotiation policies.
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Beating Complexity, Achieving Operational Excellence
Our global study of small and medium-sized discrete manufacturers worldwide revealed the industry is struggling with increasing complexity, global competition, rapidly changing business environments, and volatile raw materials prices. While manufacturers worldwide face similar challenges, this study clarifies how strategic initiatives and priorities vary by sector, geography, and job description.
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Validating Your BI/DW Direction
June 6-10
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Achieving IT Operational Excellence: Virtualization, Cloud, and More
June 13-15, 2011
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Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit 2011
20-23 June 2011
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Gartner PPM Summit
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In-depth BI and DW Education
August 7-12
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Mastering The Cloud in 8 Easy Steps
Wednesdays 1 PM ET
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