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   Monday October 27, 2008 | Spotlight on ERP | Issue 2600
Taking a Lesson from Big-box Retailers:
The World's Distribution Pros

Big-box retailers are pros at managing the almost mind-boggling complexity of ordering, tracking, receiving, distributing, and selling thousands of different products from all over the world. Interested to know how they pull it off? Hint: a lot of it turns on the software solutions they use—interestingly, the same kinds of software that are available to you. Take a lesson in distribution from the best in the business, in today's feature blog post.

It isn't only big companies that can benefit from ERP finance and accounting solutions. Small to midsized businesses (SMBs) can also see their revenues increase, productivity go up, and costs go down with the right ERP solution. Here's a handy, common-sense guide to understanding ERP from the SMB point of view: the ERP market, the benefits, the features, the costs, the vendors, and more.

Creating one company out of two through merger or acquisition almost always requires you to migrate the two businesses into a common enterprise application. In these cases there's a real need for speed—but can the implementation be done quickly? The answer is yes, sometimes in as little as nine weeks, as you'll discover in today's feature white paper/case study.

Read the feature blog post: Taking a Lesson from Big-box Retailers: The World's Distribution Pros

Read the white paper: Finance and Accounting Solutions Buyer's Guide for Small to Medium Enterprises

Read the case study: Fast-track ERP Implementation: Advice from the Field

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Feature White Papers
Vendor Guru 5 Tips for Saving Money on Your Business Phone System
Meridian Knowledge Solutions How to Develop, Maintain, and Support a Quality Management and Development Process
FalconStor Software TOTALLY Open Disaster Recovery
QAD Performance Made Competitive: Driving Business Value with an ERP Upgrade
Microsoft Business Solutions Maintaining Stock in Branch Locations
IFS Fast-track ERP Implementation: Advice from the Field
Tidal Software Automate to Optimize: The Foundation for Data Center Efficiency
Qualys Winning the PCI Compliance Battle
Market News

Deacom Creates Online Format for ERP Software Training Courses

Wayne, PA – Deacom, Inc. (www.deacom.net), the producer of the DEACOM integrated accounting and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system for building component, modular building, and batch process manufacturers, introduces an online version of its business software training program, DEACOM University. Using the Web-based platform, DEACOM University will reintroduce its live group courses, beginning with DEACOM Financial Statements on November 19 and 20.

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Webcasts / Live Events / Podcasts
Webcasts / Webinars
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Momentum Webcast: Customer Relationship Management: Secrets to CRM Success
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Momentum Webcast: Developing and Strengthening Profitable Customer Relationships with Microsoft Dynamics CRM
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all day
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QAD On Demand: Power, Simplicity, and Choice for Your QAD Enterprise Applications
on demand
QAD Register
BI Reporting: Improving Decision-making Abilities for Midsize Organizations
on demand
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Live Events
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Inventory Management EXPO Hartford, CT.
8:30 am
VAI Register
TDWI World Conference
all day
tdwi Register
Live Demo of TARGIT BI Suite 2K8
2:00 pm EDT
Targit Register
ERP Vendor Shootout
all day
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