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Friday, October 26, 2007  Volume 4, Issue 2136
Feature White Paper
The Challenge to Achieve Perfect Order Management
Superior order management can provide you with a competitive edge across the board. To move closer to order perfection and a truly loyal customer base, you must cost-effectively eliminate the issues preventing on-time, accurate order fulfillment. This involves every process, including planning and…
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Feature Article
The Challenges that Remain for One Aspiring Global Sourcing Vendor
P.J. Jakovljevic
In the long term, Eqos’s current stature and means may not be enough to maintain its competitive position against current and potential competitors, especially those with significantly greater financial resources, name recognition, and other resources.
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Featured White Papers & Case Studies
How to Use a Network Appliance SAN to Facilitate Server and Storage Consolidation 5 Principles for CRM Success: Your Essential 2007 Guide
Moving from the Calendar to the Clock Serving the Uncompromising Customer
Choosing the Right Health Benefits: What an Insurance Broker Can Do for Your Business Make Your WAN Work Like a LAN: A Guide to Fast Application Delivery at the Branch
Why .NET Technology Is Important for ERP Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Analytics Foundation to Build a Complete Business Intelligence Solution
Building the Information Infrastructure for a Global Enterprise Southern Pump & Tank Company (SPATCO)
The Challenge to Achieve Perfect Order Management How DaimlerChrysler Gained 30 Percent in Productivity with a Time and Attendance Solution

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Market News

Polymita Technologies Launches New Version of BPM-Suite

Polymita Technologies has launched BPM-Suite 3.0, the new version of Polymita BPM-Suite. The suite is a Web solution that integrates tools for design, modeling, integration, simulation, execution, and complex monitoring (workflows). A complete set of applications totally integrated into business process management (BPM), Polymita BPM-Suite 3.0 allows companies to automate and manage processes, employee activities, content, and business information.

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Podcast: What the Revolution in ERP for Distribution Means to Your Organization
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