October 15, 2001  Volume 2, Issue 435

Headline News

The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond – Part 5: Recommendations
by P.J. Jakovljevic
Winning ERP products will demonstrate deep industry functionality and tight integration with best-of-bread ‘bolt-on’ products in a particular vertical. Users should focus on the handful of business objectives they need to achieve and the ways to measure their success.


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Today's TEC Analysis
MAPICS Unifies The Brand And Interacts For CRM Solutions
by P.J. Jakovljevic
While the existing loyal client base and affiliate channel remains MAPICS’ trump card in these difficult times, the recent partnership initiatives bundled with a unified product branding might be the way to more effectively sell beyond the current XA client base, which is the must for the long-term viability.



Technology Notes

The Lexicon of CRM - Part 1: From A to I
by Randy Garland
C.R.M. itself is an acronym, standing for Customer Relationship Management. This is part one of three-part article to provide explanation and meaning for most of the common CRM phraseology. Here, in alphabetical order, is the Lexicon of CRM.




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