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June 15, 2004  Volume 4, Issue 1282  
Headline News 
    The Importance of Server Robustness in CRM
by Mukhles Zaman
In today's software frenzy and with the increasing demand for applications that provide maximum return on investment, many companies have failed to focus on subjects like reliability, downtime, and scalability. Since 1991, Touchtone Corporation has devoted its efforts to developing and maintaining a client/server customer relationship management (CRM) application and has equipped more than 750 IBM AS/400 and iSeries customers with its native OS/400 CRM solution.
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    Instead of Discounting, Back Some Value Out of Your Proposal
by Dave Stein
Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions?
Part Eight: More Challenges and User Recommendations

by P.J. Jakovljevic

Turning data into intelligence
Overcome problems related to disparate and hard-to-use systems

Your company may have invested in ERP, SCM, CRM or other enterprise systems. The question then is how do you convert the volumes of data residing in those systems into meaningful information, and how do you effectively deliver it into the hands of those who need it? This broadcast will offer suggestions from experts at Meta Group, IBM, and Business Objects.

Sponsored by IBM, Business Objects.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 16, 2004
TIME: 12:00PM (EDT)

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Five keys for ongoing success
Midsize U.S. manufacturers now compete in a global marketplace

Midsize manufacturers are poised for opportunities in an improving U.S. economy, but to do so, they must be capable of responding to competitive pressures brought on by increased globalization. This broadcast will delineate five keys to success that, when applied, can be a strategic differentiator. Results of a survey of midsize manufacturers regarding their most important priorities and future outlook also will be revealed.

Sponsored by Oracle

WHEN: Thursday, June 24, 2004
TIME: 11:00AM (EDT)

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The Definitive RFID Primer: Discovering What It Is and How It Can Help (or Hurt) Your Organization
Will RFID really deliver major benefits to manufacturers, logistics providers, and retailers?
What is an RFID solution and will the technology really transform the supply chain? Are the costs too high and the integration too complex? If you’re a project manager, IT professional, or anyone with supply chain responsibilities, you should join Ann Grackin of ChainLink Research for this on-line course. Attendance is limited and registrations will be first-come, first-serve. Register at TEC Learning Center today.

WHEN: Tuesday, June 29, 2004
TIME: 2:00 PM (EDT)
DURATION: 1 hour

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