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   Monday May 5, 2008 | Spotlight on IP Telephony | Issue 2256

IP Telephony 201: The Nuts and Bolts of VoIP
In today's blog post, learn about the nitty-gritty of VoIP systems: the architecture, the equipment, the network structure, the software, and, of course, what you can expect to pay. You'll also get links to some white papers to help you find out about researching, selecting, implementing, and getting the most out of a VoIP system.
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Multivendor IP Telephony Management—Challenges and Solutions
By accident or design, an increasing number of organizations are faced with the challenge of supporting IP telephony systems from multiple vendors. Today's white paper looks at the increasing occurrence of multivendor IP telephony environments, the challenges of using mutliple tools to manage them, a strategy for evaluating management solutions, and the overarching benefits of a single-management solution.
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Feature White Papers
NetIQ How to Assess Unix Configurations with NetIQ
EqualLogic How to Make Virtualized iSCSI SANs Work for You
Emanio Five Keys to Buying EDI Integration in the Mid-market
Inovis Supply Chain Event Management: Proactive Supply Chain Visibility
CipherMax Options for Data Encryption: Making the Right Choice for the Enterprise
Maximizer Software Case Study: Active Voice Gets Proactive and Powers Communication with CRM
IronPort Data Loss Prevention Best Practices: Managing Sensitive Data in the Enterprise
RightNow Technologies The Boomerang Effect: How Market Dynamics Are Driving Customers Back to the Manufacturer
Halogen Software ROI Case Study: Halogen Software Transforms the Employee Appraisal Process at Amcor Sunclipse
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Pricing Management Vendor Must Show Proven Payback from Clients

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Case Study: Protecting Servers and VMs while Preserving Uptime

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