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Friday, November 4, 2005  Volume 4, Issue 1714
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The Role of Sales Training Requirements Definition and Requests for Proposals in the Success of Technology Companies
by Dave Stein and Al Case
The first step in choosing an effectiveness service provider (ESP) that best meets your company's needs is to develop a requirements definition. When used as a request for proposal, the requirements definition can be a powerful evaluation and negotiation tool.
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Leveraging a repeatable Product Management process across the Enterprise Best Practices: Inbound Logistics - Driving Costs Out of the Supply Chain
The Transformation of the Lean Enterprise

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Organizations have a greater chance of success in today’s competitive environment, when they can quickly identify and respond to market and operational risks and opportunities. Information technology is playing an increasingly important role.

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  • How do you build a more alert company?
  • What are the obstacles and challenges to this mandate?

The Business Performance Management (BPM) Forum invites your confidential assessment of how well your company responds to change, reacts to opportunity, and pre-empts risks and threats.

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