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Wednesday, July 4, 2007  Volume 4, Issue 2088
Feature Article
The CMO–CIO Organizational Alignment Mandate
Glen Petersen
Chief information officer reporting relationships continue to be distanced from the strategy function. The marketing function is experiencing this same distancing from strategy. However, the two functions should be on the leading edge of strategy, rather than the receiving end.
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What's New at TEC

TEC Launches Merchandising Systems Evaluation Center to Help Retailers Select Software

Montreal, QC, June 27, 2007 — Technology Evaluation Centers Inc. (TEC) launches its Merchandising Evaluation Center to help companies select the software solutions they require for their specific business requirements.

Featuring research on prominent retail vendors, the Evaluation Center allows software buyers to easily compare solutions based on over 3,000 criteria, in areas including inventory replenishment, purchasing, and vendor management, across multiple retail channels and countries.

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Featured White Papers & Case Studies
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Security Solutions for Small Businesses and Remote Branch Offices    

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Extending ERP to the Enterprise with SharePoint
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CRM Does NOT need to Cost an Arm and a Leg - CRM Solutions with SharePoint
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Avoiding BPM Icebergs With Dynamic Business Applications
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Event Processing: Competitive Advantage Through Situational Awareness
12:00 pm EDT
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TDWI World Conference
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