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Volume 5 Issue 41
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  You Still Need ERP, Even If Naysayers Say You Don’t
  Is ERP is on its way to the graveyard, as some experts claim? Not on your life, says TEC analyst Phil Reney. In his latest blog post, Phil shows how instead of becoming irrelevant, ERP has actually gotten more robust and versatile through the years—and why you still need ERP if you expect to run a successful, competitive business.

  How Much Supply Chain Optimization Do We Really Need? – Part 2
  Also today, TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic continues his look at the supply chain rapid response and advanced planning and scheduling (APS) market—including analysis of solutions from industry leaders Kinaxis and SAP.

  Compare Discrete Manufacturing ERP Solutions
  Use TEC Advisor to compare enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for discrete manufacturing, according to your organization's characteristics and needs. It's free, fast, online, and easy—and you'll see the results immediately.

Compare ERP software FREE

  Compare ERP software FREE

  Market News
  Iliad Africa Limited Leverages K8 System for Ambitious Growth Strategy
Iliad, one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of building materials, has successfully completed the initial phase of its new 100+ location K8 implementation. K8 was chosen as the ERP component of its IT standardization strategy. Prior to the commitment to K8, Kerridge Commercial Systems products were already in place at Iliad and have played an integral part of the company’s impressive growth for more than a decade. With K8, IT standardization is enabling the introduction of best practice processes and system controls across the company. In addition to upgrading the existing systems, K8 is replacing a number of disparate non-integrated systems—a situation that had arisen as a result of business acquisitions. Read the press release.

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  Reader Polls
  Let us know your opinion on these ongoing business challenges.

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• Supply chain management: Satisfied with your supply chain management?
• Business intelligence: How mobile is your BI?
• Business intelligence: Do women and men approach BI differently?

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