CallidusCloud: Rounding Out Its Sales Effectiveness Suite

CalidusCloud (formerly Callidus Software) has, in a relatively short time frame, significantly changed its composition and complexion. The vendor is at the forefront of technological advancements in sales performance management (SPM) and sales effectiveness management, and for more than 15 years has been helping businesses increase revenue by aligning sales and marketing. TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic takes a closer look.

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One company that has recently, and in a relatively short time frame, significantly changed its composition and complexion is CalidusCloud (formerly Callidus Software). The vendor has been helping businesses improve sales effectiveness and increase revenue for more than 15 years. Latin for “wise, clever, ingenious,” the term “callidus” encapsulates a software company that is at the forefront of technological advancements in sales performance management (SPM) and sales effectiveness management.

Callidus’ value proposition for enterprises and organizations is to drive performance and productivity by aligning sales and marketing. The company’s original offering was enterprise incentive and compensation management (EI&CM) software for managing compensation and commission programs, including salaries, options, bonuses, and sales commissions. Callidus targets chief financial officers (CFOs) and other executives—sales and human resources [HR] managers, for example—who use its applications to align employee incentive programs with corporate business and profit objectives.

For a long time, Callidus products included a sales and channel incentive management suite (called TrueComp Manager), applications for streamlining and automating disputes over incentive compensation, and Web-based compensation reporting and analytics tools. The company still primarily serves the financial services, insurance, telecom, pharmaceutical, and information technology (IT) industries, primarily in North America. Revenues in the Americas represent more than 80 percent of Callidus’ total revenues, with the remainder generated in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Callidus customers use sales effectiveness solutions to optimize investments in sales planning and performance, specifically in the areas of sales and channel quota, coverage, incentive management, and, more recently, hiring, coaching, and training (learning). Callidus solutions enable businesses to achieve new insights into the principal levers that drive sales force performance, so they can repeat sales successes for sustainable and predictable sales growth. Sales effectiveness programs are key vehicles in aligning sales and channel partner goals with top business objectives.

CallidusCloud Genesis

Founded in 1996, TallyUp Software was designed to help finance managers automatically calculate incentive compensation. Using an innovative rules-based engine, finance managers were able to create, deploy, and modify incentive compensation for thousands of employees, fairly quickly and easily. In 1997, the company changed its name to Callidus Software Inc. and was listed on NASDAQ in 2003 under the CALD ticker symbol.

Callidus’ major EI&CM competitors still have fundamental gaps in their solutions in terms of scalability and robustness of the data model. Callidus modeling functionality is second to none—being able to process a complete commission run with detailed analysis gives huge value to companies when they are trying to allocate cash and set up new commission plans. On the scalability side, it has transactional scalability—i.e., being able to handle input streams of millions of transactions. Callidus is distinct in being able to provide horizontal scalability by enabling more grid servers to be added as the load increases for consistent performance.

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