Financial Analysis Clears the “Profit Haze”

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  • Published: December 15 2008
Designed to be agile and dependable, financial analysis solutions can bring clarity to the reasons behind your company’s growth, and help steer you toward future growth. Learn how financial analysis solutions enhance the value of your existing business support systems, and distill enterprise-wide information to answer the question: How can we increase revenue, maximize profits, and increase our competitive advantage?

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Corporate executives are constantly looking for ways to increase revenue, profitability, and shareholder value. Moving into new markets, building new products, making acquisitions, and creating new business models while optimizing internal financial and operational effectiveness are just some of the strategies employed to achieve these objectives.

There is one challenge, however, that tends to hinder growth and profitability no matter which strategy is employed: the lack of visibility that executives have into the financial state of the business. Informal “shadow IT systems” consisting mainly of spreadsheets and manual processing crop up in an attempt to provide insight into the business. Although spreadsheets work at an individual level, they do not effectively scale to support a collaborative environment of multiple diverse business units. The situation is compounded when the business becomes more complex as a result of internal and external changes, such as mergers and acquisitions, expansion into new markets and new economic, political and regulatory environments. In the worst case, a lack of insight into the impact of these changes can paralyze an organization.

Financial analytics solutions improve corporate performance by creating visibility into all areas of an organization, effectively clearing the haze that exists around the true state of the company. They are designed to greatly increase business agility by providing an accurate, upto-date, and comprehensive picture of the business. By improving visibility into areas such as the most profitable customers, the best suppliers, and the most profitable products and services—and by providing a consistent definition of financial terms such as profit and costs, an organization can more quickly and confidently make strategic business decisions.

In addition to increasing business agility, financial analytics solutions enable organizations to reduce risk exposure and plan for change. They allow executives and managers to instantly model the effects of unforeseen and planned events and take preemptive action based on these insights.

This paper discusses the challenges that organizations face when trying to understand their existing business positions and future business scenarios. It focuses specifically on profitability analysis.

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