Laserfiche, a Brief on its Enterprise Content Management Solution for 2012 and v9

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  • Published: October 22 2012
Over the years, Laserfiche, the California-based vendor, has expanded from the records management space to enterprise-class enterprise content management (ECM) software. In this TEC Report, TEC director of knowledge services Josh Chalifour reviews three different use cases for Laserfiche’s ECM product and details how the product’s functionality (especially with respect to version 9) can help companies address their content as well as business process management problems.

Report Preview

Laserfiche is launching the ninth major version of its enterprise content management (ECM) system since the product’s introduction in the late 80s. The new version advances functionality to help organizations manage their business processes. This improves on the range of content management functionality that Laserfiche already provides with its Rio and Avante products. Organizations that need an enterprise-class ECM system should evaluate Rio, while companies with smaller deployments (those with fewer than 100 users) will find Laserfiche’s Avante offering suitable for review. This report refers to Rio but because the two offerings are versions of a single platform, the bulk of this report pertains to both. 

Company Background

Laserfiche began operations in the records management space. With a significant number of clients in the public sector, Laserfiche put an emphasis on security, obtaining DoD-certified status and other standards. Today, Rio is a fully-fledged ECM system. Laserfiche’s main development office and headquarters is based in Long Beach, California. The company also has an important development office in Shanghai with about 50 developers, and it has positioned its newer office in Markham, Ontario for growth that should parallel the Shanghai office. These offices, along with the company’s London, England location, allow Laserfiche to provide nearly 24x7 support to its approximately 30,000 clients.

Organizations that use Laserfiche products run the gamut of sizes and industries. Although there are some single-user implementations (e.g., law offices or independent financial advisors), there are also very large implementations, such as a school board with 185,000 users. On average, Laserfiche clients tend to have between 50 to 200 named users.

The crux of the company’s product focus rests with five key areas: a capture tool, workflow engine, records management, integration capabilities, and accessibility features. TEC’s model of research on ECM systems covers these areas by breaking them into 15 components, ranging from content authoring, content acquisition, workflow management, to document and records management, and so on. I’ll review what Laserfiche provides at a high level and point out some of Rio’s key features, in particular as they relate to the version 9 release. To understand ECM functionality at a detailed level, you can explore it using the TEC Advisor evaluation system.

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