MODX Web Content Management: Vendor Profile

Open source vendor MODX provides a modern, highly flexible, Web standards–compliant Web content management (WCM) framework. TEC’s Director of Knowledge Services Josh Chalifour profiles MODX—its background, business practices, revenue streams, and community. MODX’s WCM systems, Evolution and Revolution, are being used for a significant quantity of sites around the world. Find out more in this report.

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Executive Summary

MODX provides a modern, open source Web content management (WCM) application. Organizations that need a lean, flexible, Web standards–compliant WCM framework to build sites that are adaptable to their own presentation requirements should consider evaluating the products and services from MODX and its partners.

Although MODX is a new company, MODX’s WCM systems, Evolution and Revolution, are being used on a significant quantity of sites around the world. MODX developers have built a public track record of responsiveness: several years of listening to users, resolving bugs, and responding to feature requests.

While MODX’s recently launched commercial services show signs of needing some clarification and may incur a few growing pains, the availability of these commercial services, alongside the existing MODX community, helps to assure the continuing viability of MODX products. In fact, the healthy community and partner ecosystem testify to a rising popularity and spread of MODX systems.

With its latest Revolution product, MODX is putting itself on a trajectory to move into larger deployments with an increasing focus for enterprise and high-traffic use. MODX Revolution provides a set of features that are relatively focused in scope compared to the breadth of what one might find on average in the WCM space. While it doesn’t attempt to provide everything to everyone, it excels in its extensive range of output and content presentation options and has serious content aggregation functionality. The core system is designed to enable add-on features and functions. Sites deployed on MODX systems run the gamut of uses and subjects (from bands, shoe sales, and B2B services to stock regulatory bodies and nonprofit organizations).

MODX applications are available under dual licensing systems. On the one hand you are free to download and use Revolution under the current GNU General Public License (GPL), which is common among free and open source software (FOSS) applications. That means organizations can get started with Revolution sans a formal agreement with MODX, without paying license fees, and later purchase a support subscription. Alternatively, MODX is beginning to offer an enterprise edition with a commercial support license.

Organizations without internal resources can work with a MODX partner to implement the system and customize it for their particular requirements. MODX partners offer the systems as hosted services.

This report profiles MODX’s background, business practices, community, support and development, and product information. It should enable you to gain an initial understanding of MODX’s viability and high-level insight into MODX product usage prior to deciding whether MODX Revolution requires deeper evaluation in your WCM selection project.

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