Practical Guide to ERP for Recipe/Formula-based Manufacturers

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  • Published: July 9 2012
Understanding the features, functions, and architecture of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system best suited to your type of manufacturing will help you reevaluate your existing systems or replace your existing spreadsheet-based processes. This practical ERP guide for process manufacturers examines the functional capabilities of a process-oriented ERP system versus that of a discrete manufacturing-oriented ERP application.

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications have grown from providing basic order processing, inventory management, and accounting functionality, to covering business processes that include support for bill of materials (BOM)-based and recipe/formula-based manufacturing. 

As a recipe/formula-based manufacturer, understanding the features, functions, and architecture of an ERP application best suited to your type of process manufacturing will help you during the process of reevaluating your existing ERP application or replacing your existing spreadsheet-based processes.

Presented by Ross Enterprise, a division of CDC Software, in conjunction with Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC), this practical ERP guide for process manufacturers examines the functional capabilities of a process-oriented, recipe/formula-based ERP application versus that of a broad, discrete manufacturingoriented, BOM-based ERP application.

Also in this guide:

  • Results and analysis of TEC’s 2012 market survey on process manufacturers’ level of satisfaction with their current ERP systems. You can use this analysis to compare your current ERP system’s level of support for process manufacturing-specific functionality against that of other process manufacturers.
  • A TEC checklist of key process manufacturing ERP functional requirements relevant to process manufacturing. This checklist can be used to create your own side-by-side comparison of ERP applications during your ERP evaluation and selection processes.

Critical ERP Functionality for Process Manufacturers

Recipe/formula-based ERP solutions designed for process manufacturers offer specific features in these main categories of manufacturing functionality:

1. Product definition (including ingredients and product families)
2. Process production management
3. Quality management
4. Inventory management

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