Spotlight on UNIT4 Business Analytics

Now more than ever, organizations need to operate efficiently while being able to track, monitor, and improve business performance. This report features UNIT4 Business Analytics, a solution for business performance management that provides ERP users with a single purpose, subscription-based set of solutions for solving a large number of data analysis requirements, including pre-packaged applications to easily track, monitor, and act upon core business performance issues. Download the report now.
The pace of changing business dynamics in organizations of all sizes and in all geographies has led to a voracious demand for technology solutions that can collect, analyze, and report on a wide variety of both structured and unstructured business data. Today, numerous organizations are increasing their use of diverse types of data analysis tools and applications to measure performance in all operational categories, obtain an overview of the company’s structure and activities, and support decision-making processes for all organizational roles.

This growing use of business intelligence (BI) and analytics (BA) applications, as noted in current market research and in TEC’s recent BI buyer’s guides (Figure 1), is triggering the increased incorporation of BI functionality within enterprise resource planning (ERP) offerings. Software providers are offering analytics capabilities “out of the box” or as additional offerings that tightly integrate with an ERP system, to facilitate all types/stages of analytic needs.

Figure1. Top BI functional priorities (as a percentage of all BI evaluation projects), 2005-2011. 

Distinguishing itself from the many "out of the box" solutions in the BA marketplace that cater mainly to users at upper levels of management, UNIT4 provides ERP users with a business analytics offering that offers a single purpose, subscription-based set of solutions for solving a large number of data analysis requirements for every executive and operative level of an organization. UNIT4 has incorporated a complete set of BA functionalities into its product portfolio, making it possible for organizations to have a set of BI and performance management applications that is fully compliant with their core ERP offerings. 

This set of pre-packaged applications is one of the most outstanding features of UNIT4 Business Analytics, comprising all the necessary elements to, with little or no need for complex configuration, start measuring performance, via metrics, reports, time series, etc., as well as providing the opportunity to define and monitor actions, letting users have not only analytics capabilities, but also the necessary tools for quick action and follow-up. The pre-built applications already have the business logic in place, but can be modified and customized if necessary. They are independent but highly adaptable with UNIT4 solutions, which enables users to use UNIT4 Business Analytics with other third-party systems and/or under IT infrastructures built on more than one core system, besides the ones provided by UNIT4 (Figure 2). 

Figure 2. UNIT4 Business Analytics Apps sample. 

UNIT4 in Brief

Founded in 1980 and headquartered in Sliedrecht, the Netherlands, UNIT4 is a global provider of business software and services. UNIT4 has achieved a well-respected position in the ERP market owing to its flagship products, Agresso ERP and Coda Financials, and a unique set of software products intended to focus on rapidly changing business dynamics in organizations, such as merger and acquisition activities, reorganizations, business process change, regulatory change, and financial change. The Agresso ERP line focuses on people-centric businesses, such as professional services, higher education, local government and not-for profit organizations, while financial solution product Coda addresses a wide range of vertical industries including the services, retail, wholesale and manufacturing sectors. 

UNIT4 has increased its presence around the world, expanding its offerings beyond its on premises roots into a full multi-tenant cloud offering. A key component of UNIT4's software offerings, whether on-premises or as a software- as-a-service (SaaS) deployment, is the focus on BLINC (Business Living IN Change) and the post-implementation agility and interoperability requirements to accommodate frequent business (versus technology) changes. 

Through the VITA architecture that underpins Agresso, UNIT4 Agresso solutions are able to embrace change in the simplest way possible—without software coding, and often via business users (versus IT departments or external specialists). The underlying agile VITA architecture enables organizations to substantially lower costs related to business changes, minimize disruption to business activities, and speed up or maximize productivity. 

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