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  • Published: July 11 2013
Data integration and data migration processes are an important component of an organization's data management cycle. After assessing real data movement scenarios within its own list of customers, CRM consulting services company Technology Advisors has stepped into the software development field with several applications to add value to existing CRM offerings. The company launched Starfish ETL, a migration and data extraction application, in 2010. In this TEC Spotlight report TEC Senior Data Management Analyst Jorge Garcia details Starfish's background, structure, key features, and benefits.

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Data integration and data migration processes are an important component of an organization´s data management cycle. Information often needs to be transported from one place to another; migrating data from legacy systems to modern and more sophisticated systems and integrating information coming from a number of disparate sources into a single repository are just two of the many possible ways data can be moved within an organization’s corporate software infrastructure.

To ensure successful movement of data that guarantees data availability, consistency, and reliability, these processes need to be handled with the necessary care. Discipline, method, and the use of proper software extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes and tools are key to increasing the chances of success when undergoing any sort of data movement operation, no matter if for a one-time data migration process or a recurrent data integration process.

Migrating data can be a daunting task because it requires knowing what exactly to move and where and when to move it, which can involve a complex process of understanding how the information is or needs to be organized in both source and target systems, and knowing which intermediate operations are performed on each data element while getting from point A to point B, as well as data verification, cleansing, and profiling tasks.

Companies such as Technology Advisors that have provided consulting services for many years know that having an effective application for performing ETL operations with a combination of technical- and business-oriented capabilities to speed up the data movement process is essential for increasing the chances of project success in developing and deploying enterprise software solutions. This is one of the many reasons why, after assessing the real data movement scenarios within its own list of customers, Technology Advisors created Starfish ETL. Based on the work and experience of its consulting and developing team, in 2010 Technology Advisors launched the migration and data extraction application, specifically designed to facilitate an organization’s data migration and data integration needs for CRM deployments but with the ability to expand its reach for other corporate purposes.

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