TEC 2012 HRM Market Survey Report: What Organizations Want in Human Resources Management Software

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  • Published: November 2 2012
This report is based on aggregate data collected from almost 5,000 completed comparisons of human resources management (HRM) software performed using TEC Advisor. TEC research indicates that 60 percent of companies looking for HRM software have relatively small HRM purchasing budgets. Although each organization has its own unique requirements for HRM solutions, most are actively trying to develop a more comprehensive view of the state of the company, measure performance, and improve the decision-making process.

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About This Report

This report is based on aggregate data collected from almost 5,000 HRM software comparisons performed using Technology Evaluation Centers’ TEC Advisor software selection application. TEC Advisor contains detailed information about product capabilities for a wide variety of enterprise software solutions, including HRM solutions.

Using TEC Advisor, business decision makers can define their companies’ high-level HRM software requirements in order to identify a working list of solutions to evaluate in depth. They can then compare how, and how well, different solutions support their requirements.

The Value of Peer Assessment

Although each organization has its own unique HRM requirements, it’s useful to consider what other companies are seeking in terms of features, pricing, and specific technical and methodological considerations.

Studying what your peers and competitors are looking for in a HRM solution can help you develop an understanding of what HRM software vendors offer, what other companies have identified as important requirements, and what might be a good fit for your own organization.

Start Your Own HRM Selection Project with TEC Advisor

You can use TEC Advisor to perform your own in-depth HRM software selection project. Using TEC Advisor you can see how over 50 HRM solutions address your company’s unique business needs.

To start your TEC Advisor project, visit this link.

Why HRM?

Human resources management (HRM) solutions encompass applications for handling personnel-related tasks for corporate managers and individuals and provide the tools and technologies needed to enhance all facets of human resources (HR) administration. While many organizations perform their own HR-related activities, many are now outsourcing some of these administrative tasks (e.g., payroll, recruitment, etc.). 

HRM solutions generally support key functionalities including personnel management, benefit management, payroll management, training, workforce management and planning, and health and safety administration. These systems support HR personnel by automating a large percentage of the work.

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