TEC Product Review: Omnivex Moxie

TEC business intelligence and data management analyst Jorge García profiles Omnivex Moxie, a powerful digital signage software solution designed for business environments where content serves not only to engage and inform, but also to provide guidance, facilitate knowledge sharing, and, most importantly, enhance decision making.

Featured Software Research:

Thriving in Crisis: How to Effectively Manage a Product Recall through IT

Though product recalls are never desired, they do happen. Your company’s response can make the difference between being the role model and losing market share or even being displaced from the market. In this white paper, PM War Stories, in collaboration with Pronto Software, examines how to effectively manage a product recall to mitigate liabilities, protect your brand and turn the crisis into an opportunity. Read more. Read More

Selecting ERP for Oil and Gas Industry Contractors and Vendors

  • Source: IFS
  • Written By:
  • Published:
Suppliers to the oil and gas industry are under more pressure than ever before to increase quality, collaborate closely with the customer, and take on more project risk. Learn how enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps engineers procure construction companies, equipment fabricators, and service providers to meet the new demands from oil and gas companies. Download this white paper to learn more. Read More

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NetSuite OpenAir PPM for PSA Certification Report

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  • Published: January 26 2015
NetSuite OpenAir is now certified by TEC in the project portfolio management for professional services automation (PPM for PSA) software space.

To achieve TEC certification, NetSuite provided an extensive demonstration on the latest OpenAir version to TEC. During the first part of the product demonstration, NetSuite was asked to demonstrate OpenAir’s user interface, usability, customization, and underlying business platform support (including reporting, document management, and workflows).... Read More

UNIT4 Coda Financials (V13) Certification Report

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  • Published: February 11 2015
Coda Financials (V13) by UNIT4 has been certified by TEC in the financial management software space. Coda Financials’ LINK architecture combines three core capabilities in one design: a single financial model, a framework for control, and great connectivity and integration capabilities with other business packages. The Coda Financials solution provides very strong and consistent support in all the functional areas of TEC's financial packages model, including a very high level of support in the functional... Read More
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