TEC Product Review: Omnivex Moxie

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  • Published: November 23 2012
TEC business intelligence and data management analyst Jorge García profiles Omnivex Moxie, a powerful digital signage software solution designed for business environments where content serves not only to engage and inform, but also to provide guidance, facilitate knowledge sharing, and, most importantly, enhance decision making.

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Company and Product Background

Omnivex Corporation was established in 1991 with the mandate of facilitating the visual communication of data among groups—thereby providing crucial information to enhance rapid business decision-making processes. Based in Concord, Ontario, this Canadian organization has become the digital signage provider of choice for a wide variety of customers, including companies such as Thomson Reuters, The Toronto Stock Exchange, and Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment. With more than 3,000 customers in 48 countries, Omnivex has certainly achieved a privileged position in the digital signage space.

Omnivex has had market presence for more than 20 years, during which time it has accumulated the knowledge and technology to expand beyond the scope of traditional digital signage. Omnivex software is targeted at mid-to-large accounts across numerous vertical markets, where the need to accurately communicate relevant information is common to each. By focusing on real-time data as the core building block for communication, Omnivex has developed a unique solution within the digital signage space. The vendor provides enhanced tools and applications for performing the complete signage cycle by using an interesting approach to data management.

Moxie, Omnivex’s flagship offering, provides audiences with timely, informative, dynamic, and useful content. By enabling group-based communication visually over a wide range of media devices, Moxie facilitates and supports decisionmaking processes, thereby serving as an effective medium for the transmission of valuable information throughout an organization. Omnivex Moxie is a single solution that can be used by any organization that has the need for displaying the necessary information visually to groups of employees or customers, regardless of the industry or vertical (figure 1).

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