The Race to Realization

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  • Published: August 7 2009
To survive in today’s ever-changing business environment, you need to make decisions and act quickly. To thrive, you need to do so more quickly than your competitors. Business intelligence (BI) solutions can support your ability to identify business opportunities and challenges, and to address them fast. Learn about a BI product that can help you identify challenges and opportunities and take action to capitalize on them.

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To survive in today’s constantly changing business environment, you need to be able to make decisions and take action quickly. To thrive in today’s business environment, you need to be able to make decisions and take action more quickly than your competitors. This is the essence of what TARGIT offers: the ability to identify business opportunities and challenges, and address them more quickly than your competitors. TARGIT has achieved this by maintaining a laser-sharp focus on the objective of identifying opportunities and challenges, understanding what these mean for the business, and taking action to capitalize on the opportunities and address the challenges.

Traditional business intelligence (BI) vendors provide different solutions for different user groups that require different data-access methods. There has been some effort in the marketplace to consolidate these various methods of accessing and working with data to present a single platform for all methods. The primary drivers for this, however, are to provide a single platform for IT administrators to work with—thus reducing the diversity of skills required, resulting in reduced workload—and for the customer to have a single “throat to choke” for any commercial or technical issues. The objective has not been to provide a single, seamless experience for a single user to work with data in many different ways.

TARGIT is a company with a focus on providing a single, seamless experience of working with data. Its approach to the challenge within BI has resulted in one of the most homogenous platforms on the market. Its platform has two distinct features: the seamless transition from one way of working with data to another; and built-in “intelligence” within the platform. The combination of these features results in what TARGIT describes as “the fastest way to better decisions.”

As a result of this focus, the TARGIT BI platform is best suited to decision makers within an organization. From the C-level executive to the production manager, anybody that needs to understand the business environment and make decisions or take action will benefit from the TARGIT BI platform.

The main BI areas that the TARGIT BI platform hasn’t been designed to address are production reporting— where hundreds of thousands or millions of reports need to be produced (and potentially printed) in a short period of time; complex reports—reports that need some complex data manipulation within the report, or a custom (often graphical) layout; and embedded BI—applications that need reporting or analytics as a part of the application. Given the maturity of the TARGIT BI platform, these areas can be addressed to a point—and indeed, TARGIT has customers using its platform to generate relatively complex reports for thousands of users—but the platform has not been designed to address these BI requirements directly.

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