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  • Published: May 2 2013
In this report, TEC analyst Raluca Druta spotlights WorkTech, which in its 20-year history has developed from a consulting company and provider of ERP add-ons to become a productivity enhancement software provider. See how WorkTech’s solution offers functionality that supports both employee and contractor cost management in a single system—and how it addresses the demands of today’s complex contract labor management market.

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Company Background

Founded in 1993, WorkTech originally provided consulting and add-on products to computerized maintenance management systems, today also known as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. The company now focuses on development and support for its time and attendance and its contractor cost-tracking products. The provision of implementation professional services complements WorkTech’s offerings. Peripherally, WorkTech also develops add-on tools for the Maximo ERP system.

WorkTech set out to be a Maximo consulting practice. Jack Hall, the chief executive officer (CEO) and founder of the company, worked for MRO Software (now part of IBM) as Maximo’s director of development, support, and marketing. In time, WorkTech found its voice as a productivity enhancement software supplier, with the ability to service customers worldwide. With offices in Boston (Massachusetts, USA), Wellington and Auckland (New Zealand), and Kelowna (British Columbia, Canada), the company services a variety of industries including utilities, petrochemical, mining, facilities and maintenance, and other processoriented industries. Their ideal client would have high-value workers who do ad hoc work on high-value assets.

WorkTech originally developed and maintained two distinct products—one that catered to internal human resources (HR) needs and focused on a company’s internal labor, and a second that catered to operations and focused on a company’s contract labor. But in 2012, it combined these two applications. Consequently, the company designed a solution that better addresses the demands of the contract labor management market.

Today, WorkTech Time Suite supports intricate time-keeping scenarios that companies with varied groups of employees and contractors face on a daily basis. Its integration capabilities with payroll, accounting, ERP, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs), asset management, human resource management systems (HRMSs), as well as other systems allows for the synchronization of time-tracked data across systems.

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