UNIT4 Multi-tenancy SaaS Delivery Model Accreditation

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  • Published: June 26 2012
This customer satisfaction report consists of how UNIT4, an enterprise software services provider of ERP solutions integration and business process optimization, fared in the eyes of three of their client references.

UNIT4 received accreditation from Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) for completing the customer satisfaction survey program. The review process is based on client satisfaction survey ratings provided to TEC by UNIT4’s client references. The survey evaluated the overall satisfaction, quality of services received, and overall project evaluation of three of their real-life software implementation projects.

UNIT4 helps organizations find the best way to conduct the following activities: accounting and finance, administration, engineering, and human resources. UNIT4 also provides services to ensure that its customers understand the benefits and challenges of multi-tenancy, as well as guaranteeing uptime and data integrity, and helping clients deal with cloud computing legal issues that they may not be aware of. It also provides services such as implementation services, support for modifications, training and application support services, business needs assessment and mapping, and others.

Get the full results of the client satisfaction survey on UNIT4 in this software services provider review.

About this Report

Service Provider:             UNIT4
MainServices:                   ERP software implementation and services
Accreditation Date:        June 2012 (Updated February 2013)

Cloud computing can provide flexibility and cost reductions by eliminating the need for hardware. It also comes with its own set of challenges, such as compliance with national/international laws and regulations regarding data stored outside the company firewall.

But before jumping onto the cloud computing bandwagon, companies should understand the distinction between cloud computing providers in terms of the way they store data, either separately for each client (the "single tenant” model) or with multiple clients using the same database (the "multi-tenant" model).

In the traditional multi-tenant model of "software as a service" (SaaS), many clients use the same database, with partitions between them and other clients. Their data is separated and they cannot access one another’s information. Although cloud providers take actions to keep data secure and monitor its integrity, their customers are not always aware of what is being done and how that protects them from data breaches, hackers, etc.

The UNIT4 multi-tenant model brings the advantages of the traditional model (release/version controls, unified security/audit/communication controls, etc.) but also lets each customer have its own database, which eliminates the disadvantages of a single database (which escalates security risk and discourages portability/change). In light of such considerations, this report will assist organizations that are looking to determine the best-fit SaaS service provider for their implementation needs.

Based on information provided to TEC by UNIT4 and its clients, this report focuses on real-life implementation projects delivered by the service provider to three existing clients. UNIT4 is now TEC Accredited for the multi-tenant SaaS delivery model.

Please note that TEC Accreditation and the associated Accreditation Report are valid for a period of one year.

Renewal of TEC Accreditation status requires that at least one new and valid customer reference check be submitted to TEC on an annual basis. This ensures that service providers continue to meet the standards established by TEC.

Download the full results of the client satisfaction survey on UNIT4 in this ERP software services provider review. 

Report Contents

Overview of Scalable Data Systems

Founded in 1980 in the Netherlands, UNIT4 offers business software solutions and professional services for companies around the globe. UNIT4 has offices and partners in over 25 countries worldwide, and offers solutions for enterprise resource planning (ERP), human resources (HR), financials, business intelligence (BI), and performance management.
The two main products offered by UNIT4 are Agresso ERP, and Coda Financials, which can be delivered on-premise, single-instance hosted, or via multi-tenant cloud computing. UNIT4 offers various solutions via the SaaS model: Vita Cloud Angel for Agresso, Coda Cloud Rebel for Coda Financials, Shared Journey for groups of organizations that want to improve their delivery of shared services, and FinancialForce.com (backed by salesforce.com) for cloud accounting and professional services applications.
UNIT4 has achieved TEC Accreditation for the multi-tenant SaaS delivery model for its Agresso ERP solution, for which it claims change management and security advantages over its competitors, among them SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics. General services range from project management and business process mapping to application support and customization.

Client Satisfaction Survey Results

TEC surveyed UNIT4’s clients where they were asked to rate and comment on the quality of services received throughout the software implementation project, the service provider's maintenance and support services, and the overall project management, knowledge, and professionalism of the service provider's team.
In this section, you'll find the following information:

  • Service Provider Details
  • Company Snapshot
  • Professional Services
  • Service Provider Client Reference Summary

Download the full results of the client satisfaction survey on UNIT4 Agresso in this ERP software services provider review. 

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