1 Little GB, 2 Little GB, ..., 10 Little Gigabit

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1 Little GB, 2 Little GB, , 10 Little Gigabit
G. Duhaime -June 5 , 2000

Event Summary

Las Vegas-(Business Wire)-May 9th, 2000, The 10 Gigabit Alliance is growing by hops and nodes. The vendor alliance formed by seven companies to establish and promote the IEEE 802.3ae Gigabit Ethernet Standard has grown to over 50 vendors in just three months.

The rapid and tremendous growth in the 10 Gigabit Alliance will only help the aggressive timeline that the Alliance adopted in January 2000 to have the standard in place and ratified by March 2001. Along with the aggressive timeline, the Alliance is looking to endorse this standard not only for Local Area Networks, but to include Metropolitan (MAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN) as part of IEEE 802.3ae.

Market Impact

The 10 Gigabit Alliance was designed to have a standard that integrates all networking technologies under one Ethernet standard for LANs, MANs, and WANs. This merging of technologies will create robust networks that will be able to leverage existing Ethernet technologies. LAN Managers will be able to leverage their existing networking infrastructure while increasing network performance.

Internet Services Providers (ISP) and Network Service Providers (NSP) are watching the development of this standard very closely, because MANs and WANs are being incorporated into this standard. By being included in IEEE 802.3ae, ISPs will be able to offer high bandwidth applications between Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) at a relatively low cost.

User Recommendations

As bandwidth increases and applications expand, one will be delighted to know that a standard will drive everything in the same direction. The 10 Gigabit Alliance's undertaking is focused on having total support and implementation of IEEE 802.3ae the 10 Gigabit Ethernet standard by March 2001.

Vendors such as Cisco, Extreme, and Foundry have already targeted the fourth quarter of 2000 to start delivering 10 Gigabit products to their customers. Standardized or not the user community is not concerned that the first generation of Gigabit products will not be based on a ratified IEEE 802.3ae, because they know that the ratification process will be completed in March 2001.

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