3 Countries Open the Gate

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3 Countries Open the Gate
A.Turner - May 9, 2000

Event Summary

In April, EC-Gate announced the launch of their Business-to-Business Wireless ASP (WASP) during the Bouw-RAI exhibition in Amsterdam, the AmericasTelecom conference in Rio de Janeiro, and the ITAC Procurement conference in Ottawa. Through its alliance with Ericsson and Telfort, EC-Gate has created a wireless cybermarket for the Dutch construction industry, EC-Bouw. Leveraging the Internet, EC-Gate provides its community of trading partners with a collaborative commerce solution.

EC-Gate's solution enables B2B transactions within multiple vertical markets in a real-time, virtual environment, with the power of the Internet and the continuous reach and versatility of wireless communications.

"We are able to establish a whole new level of interaction within the B2B markets," said Sebastian Kuntz, CEO of EC-Gate. "EC-Gate offers businesses a wide array of services ranging from online trading communities to advanced back-office solutions, allowing all participants to transact business via fixed or mobile devices, regardless of company size or in-house technology."

"We believe the use of wireless technology is an important step toward achieving a truly next-generation collaborative commerce solution for businesses," stated EC-Gate's President, Ivan Zasarsky. "Our success in expanding EC-Gate's wireless technology into a number of distinct vertical markets suggests the vast industry potential of the WASP paradigm."

Market Impact

EC-Gate's alliance with Ericsson and Telfort has positioned the company to enable trading communities in the B2B market utilizing both wireless and fixed Internet technology. Through its international presence and a growing number of partnerships, EC-Gate is expanding its vertical communities and creating new economies of scale across multiple industries and several continents. EC-Gate supports international marketplaces with B2B solutions in the Financial, Transportation and Logistics, Retail, Construction, and Catering industries.

With more than 70 million cellular phone users in the United States alone, the adoption of wireless technology is increasing. Most, if not all, new mobile phones come equipped with limited web browsing, text display and send/receive functionality. Manufactures estimate more than 10 million new phones will be shipped in 2000. These numbers, extended to wireless applications on a global level, represent a tremendous market.

User Recommendations

While this announcement is interesting, the delivery of full service e-commerce solutions via PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants) or mobile phones is still under development. Within the global environment transport protocols, screen size, rich text retrieval, privacy and transmission speed issues still require resolution.

If you are selecting a wireless application, identify which features are currently available and what locations can support the required functionality. EC-Gate's efforts may offer unique solutions, however, we recommend users consider these factors when selecting an e-commerce application.

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