A Blog is Born

  • Written By: TEC Staff
  • Published: September 23 2007

TEC launches its own corporate blog

Always on the lookout for new and improved ways in which to reach and connect with our varied audiences, TEC is proud to finally launch the Corporate Blog Project.

We decided to launch with WordPress MU, giving us all the renowned capability of the WordPress engine and the flexibility and option of housing a network of blogs under the umbrella of TEC. So now, aside from our main TEC Blog, we also present in parallel our Spanish language blog Foro Empresarial.

We have a myriad of ways in which we keep contact with our users, and now, additionally, we wish to provide our users - be they end user or vendor - with the ability to “talk back”, to create a tighter community, and to engage in friendly and stimulating discussions.

We hope that this environment will serve as a rewarding and beneficial one to all. Blogs away!
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