A More Social IBM (for Enterprises, at Least)

On November 8, 2010, IBM announced its Global Business Services initiative to help companies address their social networking initiatives and issues, and use social network technologies and strategies.An important part of this announcement was the unveiling of IBM Lotus Connections 3.0, an application that provides tools for social networking and collaboration: forums, blogs, and social analytics, as well as other interesting tasks. This complete initiative includes the expansion of support for mobile devices and the use of IBM’s Lotus Live Connections, which is the cloud-based version of Lotus connections.

To reinforce the success of this strategy, IBM is already engaged with companies like Bayer MaterialSciences and CEMEX to further this initiative.

In this regard, Kurt De Ruwe, chief information officer (CIO) at Bayer MaterialScience mentioned that
The power of Connections is that the knowledge sharing process is totally embedded in the tool. When a person adds a piece of information, it is automatically linked to other information available in communities, wikis or blogs. Connections 3.0 has increased these capabilities even more so. You can now see what areas of interest you have in common with other people, what communities you share, and what people and information topics you are following. Connections 3.0 comes with other enhancements that empower users to share and find relevant information even better.

Business software tools are altering the manner in which business teams and personnel collaborate internally within a corporation and how corporations interact socially in the business. Collaboration tools as well as social media applications are currently a key factor in the corporate communication process at all levels of an organization.

To read the complete press release, click here or watch the video.

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