ANSYS Acquires SpaceClaim 3D CAD

ANSYS, a global provider of engineering simulation software, recently acquired SpaceClaim Corporation, provider of 3D modeling software for engineers. Concord, Massachusetts-based SpaceClaim offers a 3D modeling tool that can be utilized by any engineer during the product development process. SpaceClaim and ANSYS have partnered in the past to offer customers ANSYS SpaceClaim Direct Modeler. SpaceClaim's flagship product is SpaceClaim Engineer, a fast 3D direct modeler that offers appealing user interface (UI)/ user experience (UX) design for both 3D applications and mobile devices.
ANSYS' longtime vision is “simulation-driven product development,” in which organizations can derive value by harnessing computer simulation early in the design cycle to predict how a product will perform in the real world. With the addition of SpaceClaim, ANSYS hopes to provide customers with a powerful and intuitive 3D direct modeling solution to author new concepts and then leverage the power of simulation to rapidly iterate on these designs to drive innovation. This design process, called “direct modeling,” differs from traditional parametric (or history-based) CAD software, which is used by a relatively small percentage of engineers—typically late in the development process—to document the detailed design and the original design intent.
ANSYS believes that SpaceClaim addresses unmet 3D modeling needs in the conceptual modeling, manufacturing, and 3D printing spaces. ANSYS has always been an open platform, and SpaceClaim's offerings are also CAD-neutral, allowing users to modify geometries regardless of the system in which they were created.
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