ASP: For The Health of It

  • Written By: A. Turner
  • Published: April 14 2000


Event Summary

In March Healthcare Systems & Solutions announced that The Atlantic Benefits Company has signed a 5-year ASP agreement for its MemberWEB and ProviderWEB software products.

HSS has developed a combination of ASP services and web-based software applications designed to improve communications between employers, payers, providers, and members. HSS's technology provides health plans a low-cost, high-quality service that leverages the Internet to offload support transactions, improve accessibility and integration to customer support call centers. The company embraces revenue sharing opportunities with its clients through B2B and B2C transactions and relationships.

Founded in 1992, The Atlantic Benefits Company has developed a health care delivery system to service self funded accounts, which is referred to as the "Platinum Program". The Platinum Program incorporates features of insured and third party administered programs to create a delivery system that largely reduces customer complaints, provides the plan sponsor, (employer) with greater management facilities and is cost competitive. Additionally, The Atlantic Benefits Company is a single information and billing source for all life and health benefits offered by the Plan Sponsor.

Market Impact

"Our web applications and dynamic architecture will rapidly establish a powerful Internet-based 'virtual service center' for the physicians, employees, and health plans doing business with The Atlantic Benefits Company," says Robert B. Winters, Executive Vice President of HSS. "All participants will be able to gain secure access to claim detail, benefit plans, eligibility, provider directories, as well as personalized health information based on a unique health profile," Mr. Winters added.

Healthcare Systems & Solutions target market groups are 200 to 3000 employee "lives", a market largely serviced by the brokerage community and ignored by consulting firms. When combined these small clusters represent a tremendous market.

Whether sourcing a health care management service, a purchasing solution or enterprise application, the move to deliver solutions via the Internet is gaining momentum. Once established we expect vertical service organizations to be ripe candidates for partnership or purchase opportunities by the larger healthcare companies.

User Recommendations

In "internet" time five years could be a very long time. Organizations should consider several components before signing long-term contracts. Support, connectivity, ease of use, security, acceptance, and scalability are only a few considerations. Healthcare Systems & Solutions solution is attractive, however it is worth understanding the depth and complexity the solution offers.


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