AT&T PocketNet Service Goes Wireless With Novell GroupWise

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: April 13 2000


Event Summary

SALT LAKE CITY (BrainShare 2000), March 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Novell, Inc. (Nasdaq: NOVL - news), a leading supplier of Net services software, announced the public beta availability of wireless access to Novell GroupWise via AT&T PocketNet service for business customers.

GroupWise, Novell's premier knowledge platform and a key component in the new DENIM(SM) Net Portal Services strategy, will now deliver a wide array of Net services software, including messaging, calendaring and workflow, through AT&T PocketNet service - giving GroupWise business customers easy access to relevant information anytime and anywhere. GroupWise wireless access will be demonstrated this week at Novell's BrainShare user conference. (Source: Novell)

Market Impact

AT&T PocketNet announced support for Lotus Notes earlier this year at the Lotus Notes Lotusphere conference in Orlando, Florida. Novell's GroupWise product is the second collaborative messaging system that has teamed with AT&T for the wireless PocketNet service. Lotus Notes currently has over 50,000,000 client seats, and Novell GroupWise has over 20,000,000 client seats, giving AT&T PocketNet service a potential target market of 70,000,000 users.

We expect AT&T to announce support for the Microsoft Exchange collaboration-messaging server during Microsoft's annual TechEd conference this June in Orlando, Florida. Microsoft Exchange has an existing client base of over 50,000,000 users, who could take advantage of wireless access via a Wireless Access Phone (WAP), bringing AT&T's PocketNet service potential target market to over 120,000,000 users.

Industry analysts estimates of a user base of 600,000,000 wireless Internet users by the end of 2003, is already an outdated figure, due to the explosion in wireless access demand. We believe the wireless Internet/Messaging/Database market will consist of 700,000,000 users prior to the end of 2003.

The advent of wireless connectivity to collaborative messaging systems features is key to the growth of the corporate market. As speeds and feeds have become faster, domestic and international boundaries have slowly been chipped away, making travel a necessity for almost today's entire workforce. As users travel, they require access to updated data, in order to close the deal, apply the latest software patch or pick up a much-needed contact "on the fly". AT&T's PocketNet service, in conjunction with a collaborative messaging system will provide users with exactly what they want, information anytime, anywhere.

User Recommendations

If you are currently a user of either Novell GroupWise or Lotus Notes, AT&T's PocketNet service will be a welcome addition to any roaming user. The collaborative features contained within Novell GroupWise and other collaborative messaging servers will allow access to not only e-mail and calendaring, but also to shared folders and databases.

We recommend a target test group to gauge the benefits of the wireless connectivity service prior to any company wide roll out. While wireless has numerous advantages, it is not inexpensive and not without limitations in terms of speed, and ease of data visibility. Ensure via your pilot group that a wireless venture is a benefit to your core business, and not just a nice new 'toy' for your end users.

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