AVT, Sphere and Marconi Debut Latest IP Telephony Unified Messaging Solution

  • Written By: P. Hayes
  • Published: May 24 2000

AVT, Sphere and Marconi Debut Latest IP Telephony Unified Messaging Solution
P. Hayes -May 24, 2000

Event Summary

AVT Corporation (Nasdaq:AVTC), the largest independent unified messaging provider, announced that Sphere Communications and Marconi demonstrated AVT CallXpress unified messaging's integration with the Sphericall.ems Enterprise Multimedia Softswitch at Networld + Interop Expo, May 7-12 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Market Impact

AVT Corporations CallXpress Unified Messaging solution has received praise and recognition throughout the messaging industry as the leading Unified Messaging provider. Sphericall.ems is a scaleable communications system which can replace a traditional PBX voice switch and reduce costs by as much as 60%, while providing better interfaces for Unified Messaging.

The Sphericall.ems system will be approximately 100% more cost effective to implement and maintain when compared to existing PBXs. The product scales to 15,000 users per installation and takes advantage of IP and ATM based networks while allowing full integration and connectivity to Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) via analog or digital channels.

The integration of Sphere's product with AVT's CallXpress provides flexibility and added functionality to increase productivity within organizations. The combined product is already in use by the City of Oceanside California to integrate fire, police and other municipal offices to enhance interactive and collaborative communications between essential municipal services.

User Recommendations

While this announcement will not immediately change the face of Unified Messaging, as it is known today, it builds the momentum needed to propel Unified Messaging into the forefront. A user does not need to purchase Sphericall.ems to configure AVT's CallXpress, but enhances the flexibility and interoffice interoperability. If you are a multi-homed business, and need a complete Unified Messaging solution, take a look at Sphere and AVT.

Alternatively, if you are a single office with an existing PBX in place, there is no need to purchase the Sphericall.ems product to enable Unified Messaging. AVT's CallXpress or Active Voice's Unity will integrate with a wide variety of existing PBX systems, nullifying the need for Sphericall.ems.

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