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Accellos to Integrate TMS with Rand McNally’s Mobile Fleet Management

Written By: Predrag Jakovljevic
Published On: August 26 2013

Accellos, a provider of supply chain execution (SCE) software solutions for small and medium businesses (SMBs), recently announced integration with Rand McNally. Its Prophesy Dispatch transportation management software (TMS) will be integrated with Rand McNally’s in-cab mobile fleet management devices. Prophesy Dispatch is an on-premises solution focused on midsize carriers (with 25-75 trucks) and brokers. The new integration is designed to allow dispatchers and drivers to focus more on their jobs and less on the legwork of communicating load information.

Accellos’ TMS solutions (acquired from Prophesy Transportation Software Inc. in 2008) for small and medium-sized carriers and brokers contribute to about 20 percent of the company’s total revenues. Accellos provides both on-premises and multi-tenant cloud product for this market with nearly 2,000 customers in North America (making it the market leader for SMB fleet and brokerage management).

The integration includes Rand McNally’s TPC, TND™ 760, and HD 100 fleet management devices. Integration via Rand McNally Connect allows load information to be sent automatically to the driver's in-cab device, including origin; address; city; state; destination; goods information including weight, pieces, and pallets; scheduled pick-up date; and delivery date and time. It also enables the driver to send and receive items such as actual arrival time; actual departure time; bill of lading number, actual goods; actual quantities broken down into weight, pallet, pieces, trailer number, and more. The integration supports the following high-level capabilities:

  • The drivers can receive in-cab dispatch instructions

  • Driver notes, delivery confirmation, and GPS information are sent back to the dispatching system

  • The driver can receive turn-by-turn navigation on the device

  • Odometer readings and engine diagnostics can be captured by the device and returned to the dispatching system

Accellos has its own in-cab mobile solution called SkyTrack. Many of the capabilities with Rand McNally are similar to SkyTrack but Rand McNally supports the engine diagnostics and turn-by-turn navigation, which are not currently supported in Accellos’ mobile app. Route optimization could be pulled into the dispatching system and then delivery instructions could be sent to drivers through a mobile integration. Accellos supports mobile integrations with its own SkyTrack, Rand McNally, PeopleNet, and OmniTracs (which was just divested by Qualcomm).
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