Actian and Pervasive Software: Big Merge for Big Data?

actian.pngActian Corporation, creator of the analytic database Vectorwise, and Pervasive Software, a provider of data management, integration, and analysis software, have entered into a final agreement in which Actian will acquire all of Pervasive shares.

In a deal valued at $161.9 million (USD), Actian will acquire Pervasive’s ability to deal with the management of data in its many forms and to work and analyze information in real time. This will significantly extend the power of its solutions with extensive integration and big data management capabilities.

Steve Shine, CEO and president of Actian Corporation, had this to say:
Big data is an opportunity and a challenge for organizations in every industry, with potentially valuable business critical insight locked away in inaccessible and indecipherable systems. This makes data management and insight today’s big question for businesses looking at how to unlock the substantial incremental business value in their big data. This transaction combines the proven ability of both companies to out-innovate and out-perform the industry giants allowing us to deliver the promise of big data to every organization.

It's an interesting merger for Actian, in which it will gain not only access to and integration with an interesting set of data management solutions and the possibility of expand its offering into a full fledge data management platform, but also an interesting market provided by Pervasive, which could reinforce and accelerate the introduction of VectorWise into the market.

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