Adeon CXInsight TEC Certified

  • Written By: Yu Chen
  • Published: October 21 2010

Today’s product lifecycle management (PLM) is an ever-growing and flexible container for holding a variety of functionality and it has become more important to treat PLM adoption as a phased endeavor with prioritized requirements. PLM adopters (especially first-time and early-stage adopters) should give their priority to urgent areas where quick but significant results can be expected.

I mentioned in a blog post the “the crucial 20 percent of the PLM functionality may bring you 80 percent of the benefits of adopting PLM and help secure the bottom line of your business.” After certifying CXInsight for Electronics from Adeon Software House (ASH), I think this product is a good example of the 80-20 rule—even though it’s not a full-fledged PLM solution, CXInsight for Electronics does address some of the most urgent requirements for product development in the electronics industry.

ASH is a new and small PLM player located in Oosterhout, the Netherlands. ASH was established in 2009, but the ASH team has a much longer history in developing software for the electronics industry dating back to 2002. As a niche PLM player solely focusing on the electronics industry, ASH has further narrowed it offerings to mainly two things: product data management (PDM) and e-collaboration. When measured by TEC’s evaluation model for Core PLM (a TEC convention for product data management) for Discrete Industries, CXInsight’s strengths are located in fundamental PDM/PLM areas such as product data vaulting and management, bill of materials (BOM), and product data collaboration.

In a study of PLM users’ business objectives when adopting PLM, which are based on statistics captured at TEC’s PLM Evaluation Center, drawing and product documentation management, product collaboration, and engineering change management were identified as the most popular areas on a PLM buyers’ priority list. CXInsight is in line with these high priorities except for engineering change management, in which ASH needs further development to make its offering more competitive.

What I liked about CXInsight:

Industry focus: ASH has been able to embed its expertise in serving the electronics industry into developing a software solution that fits the terminology, business processes, and user habits of its target customers.

Narrow but rich functionality: The functionality coverage of CXInsight is noticeably smaller than a full-blown PLM solution, but functionality such as BOM validation and cross-organization collaboration are quite handy and in-depth.

Quick implementation: Partly because of the solution’s tailored functionality, but also because of its industry orientation, ASH reported that its solution could be implemented within days.  Also, ASH implemented systems for 10 customers—so far, no cost overrun in the implementation phase has been recorded.

In sum, CXInsight doesn’t do as many things as well-established PLM solutions are capable of, but it holds up well against its competitors in the functionality it does deliver. For electronics manufacturers who want to roll out their PDM initiatives quickly and at relatively low cost, CXInsight is a practical option. If you want to know more about the solution and how it performed during the TEC certification, please check out the TEC Certification Report for ASH CXInsight for Electronics.
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