Alpha Packaging Implements InfinityQS ProFicient for Manufacturing Intelligence

Alpha Packaging, a manufacturer and decorator of bottles and jars for the nutritional, pharmaceutical, personal care, household and automotive chemical, and niche food and beverage markets, has selected InfinityQS ProFicient to automate data collection, take control of quality, and achieve visibility across its manufacturing operations. The company has deployed InfinityQS ProFicient at two plants (in Pennsylvania and Missouri) with the remaining five plants scheduled for rollout during the remainder of 2013.

Alpha Packaging’s largest customer segment is the vitamin and mineral supplements (VMS) category, and its bottles can be found in the health and beauty sections of retailers such as Walmart, Target, Walgreens, and CVS pharmacies. It employs 860 people at eight facilities in North America and one plant in Europe. In addition to blow-molding operations, Alpha has in-house tool-making capabilities, from unit body cavity molds to high-cavity production tooling, and also offers high-speed, automated container decorating services through its Technigraph division.

Alpha Packaging will use InfinityQS ProFicient to assist in producing the appropriate data and level of quality expected by the pharmaceutical industry for high-density polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and polylactide (PLA) bottles and jars. The company plans to incorporate InfinityQS ProFicient into its current quality assurance (QA) programs, as well as integrate it with the company’s IT system to achieve visibility across the enterprise.

InfinityQS is definitely a statistical process control (SPC) specialist, and while it doesn't really fall under the traditional definition of a quality management system (QMS), the system offers a lot of QMS functionality. In general, the company’s strengths lie in the manufacturing operations management (MOM) subset of QMS functionality, as its enterprise quality hub, ProFicient, delivers real-time visibility from the shop floor, across the enterprise, and into the supply chain.

The previous system was considered outdated and archaic because it did not allow Alpha Packaging to capture real-time data from machines, so the company had to evaluate data from the finished product instead of identifying issues during manufacturing. Many of Alpha’s quality managers had used InfinityQS ProFicient at previous companies and confirmed that they believed it was the standard for the industry. InfinityQS’ system should take the company from manual and reactive practices to being proactive by capturing data in real time and offering strong reporting capabilities.
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