Amazon receives SAP HANA on AWS

sap_logo1101.pngDuring SAP’s TechEd event in Las Vegas, SAP announced that in an agreement with Amazon, SAP HANA can be used on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud and will be available immediately via the AWS Marketplace as an offering called SAP HANA One.

SAP HANA One will allow users to deploy productive instances of SAP HANA using AWS, with memory capacity of up to 60 GB of RAM per instance, enabling companies of almost any size to deploy SAP HANA instances at affordable prices and with the power of SAP HANA’s in-memory capabilities.

Andy Jassy, Senior Vice President, Amazon Web Services, stated:
Today we're extending the relationship to provide customers quick access to powerful software for their real-time business needs. For the first time, customers of any size can deploy SAP HANA One on the cloud in minutes and pay just $0.99 per hour for the software. There are so many great ideas that have been stranded on enterprises white boards because teams cannot get the requisite capital, people resources or services provisioned in a reasonable time frame. The combination of in-memory transactional and analytical data processing of SAP HANA One with AWS‘s immediately accessible, no capital expenditure, pay-as-you-go, reliable infrastructure changes the possibilities for so many companies.

Quite an attractive offer for those organizations that have tight budgets with high performance demands, or want to start developing their in-memory capabilities.
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