Analysis of HP and Notable Solutions Inc. decision to Integrate Paper Documents Into Microsoft Knowledge Management and Messaging Applications

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Event Summary

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 1, 2000--Hewlett-Packard Company and Notable Solutions Inc. (NSi) today announced new software for the HP Digital Sender. NSi's Address Book Manager Synchronizer (ABMsync) will facilitate integration between the HP 9100C Digital Sender and the Microsoft Exchange and Outlook platforms. NSi's AutoStore is an application that will allow customers to easily send fully indexed hardcopy documents in one simple step to virtually any database, such as Microsoft Exchange public folders and the Microsoft SQL database. Both products will enable businesses to reduce costs by facilitating effective collaboration.

Market Impact

The HP 9100C is a digital scanner, which will utilize Notable Solutions Inc.'s ABMsync to provide thorough integration with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange messaging environments. ABMsync allows all address books on the network; both private (assuming shared) and public to be accessed from all HP Digital Senders on the network.

The business advantage is that all physical paper documents can be scanned and sent to any electronic mail recipient, thereby drastically reducing costs of fax and/or courier services. System integration is relatively painless due to the 9100c's ability to connect to the network with a HP Jet Direct card and a simplified installation user interface. ABMSync is expected to be available in Europe and the US as of February 1st 2000.

In addition to ABMSync, Nsi and HP have announced AutoStore. The AutoStore product automatically indexes paper documents that are sent from the HP Digital Sender, administrators can configure AutoStore to route documents to the Exchange Database of choice.

User Recommendations

Companies dealing with large quantities of outbound physical documents, may very well benefit from this product release. HP has been synonymous with scanning quality, and this joint venture with Nsi will further the flexibility of a digital scanner within a paper-based enterprise.

The combination product targets the Medical, Insurance, Financial and Government fields where paper has yet to be surpassed by electronic communication. The tight integration with Microsoft Exchange allows users to form storage repositories for specific clients and/or subjects, allowing quick access to documents in the future.

If you are looking to implement a document imaging/workflow solution, be sure to take a look at the HP Digital Sender and the ABMSync and AutoStore features .

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