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Analysis of Lexacom's and Mirapoint's Joint Wireless Messaging Solution

Written By: P. Hayes
Published On: February 18 2000

Event Summary

CUPERTINO, Calif. (BUSINESS WIRE) - Lexacom and Mirapoint, Inc. have announced the availability of a solution offering highly secure, easily deployable, and cost-effective ways for wireless service providers to deliver integrated IP-based calendaring and messaging services to mobile users.

Market Impact

Mirapoint produces turnkey, messaging infrastructure appliances for Internet based messaging, while Lexacom produces real-time calendaring solutions for the Internet. The upcoming explosion of wireless access phones (WAP), and Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) is expected to reach 600 million users by 2003 (probability 75%).

The need and demand for wireless messaging and calendaring is obvious, but Mirapoint and Lexacom are relatively unknown in the messaging arena. However, they are one of the first companies to announce a combined and dedicated effort to produce a unified messaging solution (UM) targeted specifically at wireless users.

We expect to see Sendmail, Inc. outperform Mirapoint in Internet messaging infrastructures. While Mirapoint offers all basic Internet standards such as, POP, IMAP, and SMTP; Sendmail is light years ahead, not only in name recognition, but also in installed base. Sendmail, Inc. has already captured over 75% of the Internet's 8,000 plus ISPs and is expected to continue gaining market share.

Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, and Novell GroupWise already account for real time calendaring for Wireless Access. However, Lexacom's calendaring system is the calendar behind Netscape and is neither operating system nor geographically dependent. Lexacom and Mirapoint certainly have an uphill ride to compete with such major messaging players. To succeed they must enhance name brand recognition through marketing and couple it with a promotional pricing structure to increase any existing installed base.

User Recommendations

We recommend that all providers of wireless messaging solutions weigh Mirapoint and Lexacom's offering against that of a collaboration solution such as Lotus Notes and Microsoft Exchange. While Lexacom and Mirapoint's package may be appealing, corporate viability and longevity is unknown. Implementing an unknown system can potentially be devastating.

If considering an implementation of Lexacom and Mirapoint, verify through testing and due diligence that the product both meets your present technical needs and support requirements, and matches your corporate strategy.

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