Analysis of Novell and EAI Vendor Talarian Alliance

  • Written By: M. Reed
  • Published: February 9 2000

Event Summary

"PHOENIX, Ariz., January 20, 2000-Novell, Inc. and Talarian Corporation announced a technology and marketing alliance in which the companies will work together to embed Talarian's real-time infrastructure software in Novell products and make it available to the worldwide community of Novell developers and users. The alliance combines Novell's strengths in directory technology with Talarian's leadership in real-time middleware to provide developers and business users with an enhanced software infrastructure for applications spanning the enterprise and the Internet.

With Talarian's advanced middleware technology, developers can efficiently create distributed applications in which information moves in real-time across business networks and the Internet in an event-driven manner. For example, selected information such as a stock quote or news bulletin might be pushed out over the Internet in response to a user request. These "event system" capabilities will speed development and deployment of enterprise and Internet applications linked to Novell Directory Services (NDS), the NetWare Net Services platform, and other leading Novell products.

Toward these goals, Novell and Talarian are working together in several areas. The two companies will port Talarian technology to Novell's NetWare platform; embed Talarian's real-time infrastructure software into Novell Net Services products; and make it available to the Novell developer community. The two companies expect to make announcements in the near future about specific plans and timing for product rollout.

"This alliance brings together two leaders in Net Services and infrastructure software used to create and support eBusiness applications," said Carl Ledbetter, Novell senior vice president for business and corporate development. "Talarian's advanced middleware technology will bring new developer and application capabilities to Novell's Net Services platform, accelerating the development of directory-enabled solutions used for messaging, finance, Ecommerce and many other areas of eBusiness."

Market Impact

The combination of a leading Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) product with Novell's NetWare Directory Services (NDS) should appeal to existing Novell customers. One of the requirements of successful EAI is the ability for applications to be able to "find" each other in order to exchange messages and NDS should simplify this greatly.

Novell expects to give applications that run on NDS an integration layer by building Talarian SmartSockets into NDS. Other EAI vendors will have to investigate whether they need to make a similar alliance with network operating system vendors (most likely Novell or Microsoft). What remains to be seen is whether the alliance will help attract new customers to Novell NetWare and help Novell start to repair its sagging market share .

User Recommendations

Customers with NetWare installations using NetWare Directory Services should benefit from this development. However, they should regard it cautiously until the technologies have been merged and tested. Then beta or production reference sites can be questioned about the quality of the product integration. If the products are properly integrated, EAI should be simplified somewhat. In addition, Talarian's product features such as load balancing and dynamic message routing bring much to the table that Novell doesn't currently have.

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