Announcing TEC's Customer Relationship Management Buyer's Guide: Innovations in CRM

  • Written By: Rahim Kaba
  • Published: November 22 2011

I am pleased to announce the launch of TEC's final software buyer's guide of the year: Innovations in CRM. Download your copy now.

This buyer's guide provides in-depth insight from Gabriel Gheorghiu, TEC's analyst specializing in CRM, about the state of the CRM market, and includes solution overviews, links to CRM resources, customer success stories, and a directory of hundreds of CRM software vendors. The guide aims to educate readers about the CRM space and what vendors are doing to differentiate themselves from the competition through innovations such as cloud computing, social media, and mobile, to name a few.

We trust you will find this guide, as well as our entire 2011 line-up, insightful and helpful in your enterprise software research. The TEC buyer's guide team is already working hard on the first guide of 2012, on supply chain management (SCM). Look out for it in March!
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