Announcing TEC’s ERP for Services Buyer’s Guide

I am glad to announce that TEC’s 2012 ERP for Services Buyer’s Guide is now available for downloading.

Services organizations run projects as a core attribute of their typical activity and arrange their business processes in a way that is different from that of other business types, such as, for instance, manufacturing, distribution, and even nonproject-based services. As such, specialized enterprise software developed for such organizations, rather than a generic enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, are better suited to meet their business needs.

The ERP for Services Buyer’s Guide provides an overview of ERP software for services-based types of businesses, with emphasis on the challenges services companies face in regard to effectively managing projects and making appropriate data-based decisions for project selection and management. The guide aims to help readers to better understand what ERP for Services software is, and how the software’s functionality caters to the methodologies of a project-centric department or business unit, or a services enterprise.

The guide also features customer success stories, illustrating how various ERP for Services solutions have helped companies address their challenges, improve cost-efficiency, and increase overall project profitability. It also includes a comprehensive directory of ERP for Services software providers, as well as links to ERP for Services resources (TEC articles, reports, blog posts, RFP templates, and related comparison reports) to assist companies looking for ERP for Services software.

This guide is a useful tool for companies looking for ERP software within the services industry and for anyone who is interested in learning more about ERP for Services software.

Download your free PDF copy of TEC’s 2012 ERP for Services Buyer’s Guide.
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