Announcing TEC’s Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide

  • Written By: Phil Reney
  • Published: March 26 2012

It gives me great pleasure to announce that the 2012 Supply Chain Management Buyer’s Guide is here. Download your copy now.

In this buyer’s guide, I address a topic that deserves more discussion among supply chain strategists: collaboration.

Businesses tend to first look to improve various functional areas—demand management, warehousing, etc.—but communication with and coordination of partners is essential for a supply chain to operate smoothly and efficiently.

Collaboration goes beyond the simple binding contract. Connecting the supply chain networks—manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, customers—enables a business to improve visibility, as well as to better match demand with supply. And the need for effective collaboration is heightened when a business operates at a global scale.

This guide is intended to provide insight into a variety of supply chain areas. We discuss the functionality, strategy, and technology required for a more responsive supply chain. The guide includes an analysis of the state of the market, a special report on global trade management (GTM), links to SCM resources, customer success stories, and a comprehensive directory of SCM vendors.

We trust you will find this guide helpful in your enterprise software research.
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