Another Plastics Win for IQMS ERP

After a very good 2012, IQMS, a manufacturing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and manufacturing execution systems (MES) developer with an ongoing and proactive commitment to its product and relationships, continues 2013 with new customer wins—most recently, Airlite Plastics Co. has selected IQMS.

Airlite Plastics’ legacy software was a combination of commercial and custom-built applications that were creating numerous challenges. Difficulties supporting custom-built applications and integrating many different versions of the software encouraged Airlite Plastics to seek out a new ERP system. According to the press release, Airlite reviewed 10 to 12 ERP packages, but it would seem that many of them were not robust enough to make the final cut.

On the other hand, Airlite Plastics indicated that it selected EnterpriseIQ because IQMS has a solid reputation for customer-driven service, it specializes in manufacturing (tailored to the plastics industry’s manufacturing needs), it can support all of Airlite's separate business divisions and business lines, and it can assist with Airlite's future growth.

A privately held, family-owned company since 1946, Airlite Plastics is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and retains 850 highly skilled employees. The company manufactures containers and lids for food packaging, drink cups and lids, polystyrene coolers, insulated concrete form (ICF) blocks, profile and sheet extrusion, and other custom plastic products. Last year, the company produced and decorated an impressive 1.5 billion units.

Airlite Plastics is continuously expanding its operations (and recently acquired a company in Nazareth, Pennsylvania). To assist in its current and future growth, the manufacturer plans to take full advantage of IQMS' extended offerings, including modules for quality control, shipping management, electronic data interchange (EDI), human resources (HR) management, and wireless RealTime Production Monitoring.
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