Apriso Celebrates 20 Years of Manufacturing Software Innovation

On March 10, 2013, Apriso, a global provider of manufacturing software solutions, celebrated its 20th anniversary. Apriso has established itself as a leader in the manufacturing operations management (MOM) industry, having accomplished 20 industry firsts during its first two decades of existence. This industry leadership has translated into substantial business value creation by Apriso’s customers, supporting Apriso’s significant revenue growth and global expansion to more than 45 countries.

It is indeed impressive that Apriso has survived for 20 years, given that a few manufacturing execution system (MES) software companies make it even for even 10 years (other than power houses like Rockwell, Siemens, Invensys, Honeywell, etc.). For more details, see the press release announcing the 20th anniversary, and the figure below, which illustrates the aforementioned “20 industry firsts” that Apriso has accomplished over those two decades.

Based on the company’s longevity, its marketing might be a little dated—most of the initial “firsts” are ports to new operating systems (OSs) or hardware. In the day, these would have been big achievements, but nowadays, few vendors ever claim new hardware or OS platforms as “firsts.”


In any case, of those 20 milestones, Apriso should be most proud of the following:

  • 2004: 1st business process management (BPM)-based MOM solution to go-live

  • 2006: FlexNet global manufacturing suite released as the 1st process-based global solution for manufacturing operations

  • 2009: 1st business process lifecycle management application launched

  • 2011: Apriso launches FlexNet MPI as the 1st real-time manufacturing process intelligence solution

Taming Global Manufacturing Complexity

As for a differentiation trait, Apriso continues to be the leading provider of manufacturing software solutions, which enable manufacturers to achieve and sustain manufacturing excellence while adapting quickly to market changes. Global manufacturers must operate across highly diverse dynamic manufacturing models and operating environments. From an information technology (IT) perspective, manufacturers typically operate a plethora of disparate IT applications that may or may not work well with other systems, plants, or shop floor operators. At the same time, the global economy has necessitated that organizations work better and faster across geographies, cultures, and systems with greater agility.

Over these 20 years, Apriso has established a competitive advantage by providing platform-based IT solutions designed to simplify complex operational environments. FlexNet enables companies to manage processes and share best practices (data and intelligence) on a global scale across their operations with its BPM platform-based architecture, while connecting planning and design applications to shop floor machinery and equipment. Apriso supports continuous improvement initiatives by bringing planning, design, and execution applications together, whereby manufacturers can operate with greater visibility, control, and synchronization across their operations.

While Apriso’s global capabilities across diverse control systems are powerful, its bigger MES competitors are typically optimized for their own automation equipment and distributed control system (DCS). If a certain global company has already standardized on a particular DCS and set of equipment, the “native” MES/MOM software will have an advantage. Still, Apriso’s longevity in the market as an independent provider is not without good reason and value proposition.

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