Apriso Comes Closer to Paperless Manufacturing

Recently, Apriso announced general availability of FlexNet 9.6, its next generation manufacturing software platform that offers much more than traditional manufacturing execution systems (MES) in terms of digital manufacturing. Namely, FlexNet 9.6 more readily supports conversion to paperless manufacturing environments, whereby enhanced role-based electronic work instructions (eWI) can more easily be updated by business users, without the need for IT staff to be involved.

In addition, Apriso’s Manufacturing Process Intelligence (MPI) 2.0 offering, combined with the upgraded FlexNet 9.6, provides manufacturers with a better feedback loop that can increase collaboration between engineering and manufacturing to build new products right the first time—at highest possible quality for the lowest cost. In fact, MPI 2.0 is a FlexNet application; i.e., it resides “on” the FlexNet platform, and thus shares all of the same data tables, process definitions, etc. of a customer’s FlexNet deployment. This is how it can deliver real-time visibility into manufacturing operations. MPI 2.0 was officially launched in May 2012, while Version 1.0 was launched in October 2011.

As a Microsoft Windows 8 application, FlexNet 9.6 will continue to support Apriso’s strategy of offering seamless integration to Microsoft applications and Windows users by providing an infrastructure for its customer’s mobile, desktop, and shop floor devices. But Apriso’s FlexNet 9.6 also offers mobile access for Apple and Android users.
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